Tropocollagen F3


Tropocollagen F3

From the science at Better Than Botox™, Introducing A Collagen That Actually Works .

Treat Crepey Skin, Address Excess Dryness, Restore Elasticity, Restore Radiance, Remove Age Spots, Lighten, Treat Blemishes and Pimples


Tropocollagen F3

For a collagen to work properly you need the right version for the right places delivered effectively. That is why Better than Botox™ formulated their 2 part highly active biologic delivered by nanotransport under the dermis to work better than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

As with most of Better than Botox’s specialized facial skincare products, Tropocollagen Factor 3 is a two part mix system. Easier than ever, the two parts are pre-measured and ready for simple activation by introducing the two formulas. This unique 2 part mixing of the ingredients is found across the whole Better Than Botox line. See video below.↓↓↓

Once activated you can be sure that you now have the most powerful Collagen ready for delivery under the dermis using our proprietary Nanotransport system as an alternative to injectables but with no less efficacy. Mixing in 2 parts means we can leave out shelf life extenders, sterilizers and preservatives.

  • Instant Effect – No
  • Long Term Effect – Yes
  • Minimum Dose Required – 30 Days
  • How Long till First Noticeable – 30 Days
  • Recommended for < 23 years age
  • Recommended for > 23 years age
  • Nanotransport Biologic – Yes
  • 2 Part Proprietary Mix with no Shelf Life Stabilizers or Preservatives – Yes
  • Repair Fine Lines – Yes
  • Forehead – Yes
  • Upper Lip – Yes
  • Crows Feet -Yes
  • Age Spots – Yes
  • Skin Lightening -Yes
  • Sun Damage – Yes
  • Neck Lines – Yes
  • Restore Elasticity – Yes
  • Restore Radiance – Yes
  • Target Area – Face, Neck
  • % improvement 5% to 75%%
  • FDA Registered – Yes

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Due to the highly specialized nature of Better than Botox™ products their systems are all available exclusively through trained and licensed skincare professionals. Better than Botox™ products are not designed as simple open and use cosmeceuticals. Most require a mix procedure and very speciific storage consideration. In order to guarantee that all patients or clients are provided with the utmost in professional skincare they require all of their representatives be licensed Dr.s, RN’s, Aestheticians or Cosmetologists that have completed professional training for our unique anti aging systems.

*Only buy from from a trained and certified representative.

*BodySong Spa is a trained and certified representative for Tropocollagen F3.

BodySong Spa has been carefully selected, trained and certified by Better than Botox™. Training was conducted by their professional Senior Research staff members.

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