Hexapeptide 389


Hexapeptide 389

This Better than Botox™ product is for the reduction of visible wrinkles in the forehead and upper lip area.

Forehead, Upper Lip & the ”11” Wrinkles are removed Without Needles by using an under the skin neurotransmitter block.   Better Than Botox is the only company that uses safe, advanced, NanoTransport to deliver their wrinkle treatment in a medically relevant way.



Hexapeptide 389

The worlds first “biologic” (under the skin neurotransmitter block) wrinkle treatment for forehead, procerus and upper lip areas.

Hexapeptide Before & After

Better Than Botox is the first company to use FDA registered Safe Nanotechnology to deliver their proprietary Hexapeptide 389 under your skin, where it works as a neurotransmitter block similar to injectables. It’s vital to inject or Nanotransport active anti-wrinkle biologics in order to produce any meaningful results, ask any dermatologist. Simply put, if your wrinkle treatment doesn’t get under the skin efficiently it’s just not going to work, period. Their complete anti wrinkle treatment systems will abate wrinkles better than anything you’ve ever used. The under skin transport mechanism for drug delivery is based on Safe and highly effective Nanotechnology, not a needle.

Why endure painful needles? Topical Neuromodulator Hexapeptide 389 with Neurotransport works almost the same way as injectable Botulinum Toxins lasting months, not hours.

Pain Botox Needle to Forehead

Many people try to copy this Better Than Botox™ product but there’s only one original Hexapeptide 389™ with Nanotechnology transport and it’s only available from a trained and certified representative for Hexapeptide 389.

  • Instant Effect – No
  • Long Term Effect – Yes
  • Minimum Dose Required – 10 Days
  • How Long till First Noticeable – 4 Days
  • Recommended for > 23 years age
  • Discontinue after 30 days use
  • Neurotransmitter Block – Yes
  • Nanotransport Biologic – Yes
  • Repair Fine Lines – Yes
  • Forehead – Yes
  • Upper Lip – Yes
  • 11’s – Yes
  • Repair Crows Feet – Yes
  • Sun Damage – Yes
  • Target Area – Forehead, Lips
  • % improvement 5% to 68%
  • FDA Registered – Yes
  • License Required – Yes*

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*Only buy from from a trained and certified representative.

BodySong Spa is a trained and certified representative for Hexapeptide 389.

BodySong Spa has been carefully selected, trained and certified by Better than Botox™. Training was conducted by their professional Senior Research staff members.

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