• Better than Botox™

    Better than Botox™ (4)

    There are four products in the Better than Botox™ full facial skin repair system, Better than Botox™ for under eye wrinkles, and under eye bags, Hexapeptide 389 is for the forehead and lips, Copeptide 689 for the entire face and acme, Tropocollagen F3 for the face and neck. All 4 products are engineered to work seamlessly together or separately.


    At its core, FACTORFIVE humanizes skincare. Backed by years of scientific research, their award-winning skincare company seeks to redefine how they, as a society, look at aging.
  • Myaderm

    Myaderm (2)

    Pain relief revolution, emulsifying high concentrations of CBD into a water based solution with transdermal properties delivering the fastest, most capable pain relief you’ve ever experienced.
  • African Botanics

    African Botanics (26)

    African Botanics is made in the heart of South Africa, with their products conveying a rich diversity of the African landscape and flora.
  • Cosmesis

    Cosmesis (5)

    Cosmesis Skin Care is a Dermatologist Developed skincare line that specializes in both restorative and preventative skincare. The Cosmesis line of rejuvenating skin care products is designed with you in mind, combining specific ingredients selected for targeted skin support.
  • Dr Mercola

    Dr Mercola (2)

    All the products are formulated by Dr. Mercola and are thoroughly researched and developed with you in mind by his Product Development Team of scientists, engineers and specialists. No product or ingredient will ever be added to his market if it doesn’t meet their premium standards.
  • Jane Iredale

    Jane Iredale (4)

    This Jane Iredale-THE SKINCARE MAKEUP® line has grown into a full line of clean, skin-nourishing makeup and skincare, giving women high-performance formulas without sacrificing healthy, luminous skin. The Jane Iredale products are recommended by dermatologists.
  • Kat Burki

    Kat Burki (18)

    Kat Burki Skincare is a pioneering Clean Beauty, Vegan Brand, uniquely powered by cutting-edge Nutritional Science. Kat Burki utilizes Applied Nutritional Sciences to deliver the most effective formulations for the skin through technology and cutting-edge nutritional research and concepts. Intelligent ingredient combining to create Super Nutrient Complexes, are Cold Processed to create potent Advanced Anti-Aging therapies.
  • Life Extension

    Life Extension (3)

    Quality, purity, efficacy and sustainability are the keys to Life Extension's success. Their moto - Ingredients matter: it’s one reason why their products stand out in the marketplace.
  • Purigenex

    Purigenex (4)

    PURIGENEX is an innovative body care brand founded on the principle that healthy skin leads to better health. PURIGENEX is committed to sourcing the finest formulations and active elemental ingredients in the world, in order to reconnect skin care to an optimal wellness regimen.

    RPM CBD (11)

    RPM is the perfect blend of simplicity and science; utilizing the power of plant extracts to provide our bodies the relief, protection, and moisture we need on a day-to-day basis. RPM uses only pharmaceutical grade, certified organic Broad-Spectrum CBD oil. RPM is: soothing, therapeutic, moisturizing, protective, relieving, luxurious, inclusive, powerful, self-care.
  • RPM CBD Skincare

    RPM CBD Skincare (5)

    The RPM Skincare range has benefits for all ages and skin types ranging from addressing acne and oily skin, to slowing the aging process and tightening wrinkles. See our RPM CBD Hair Treatment Products here: BodySongSpa.com/product-category/rpm-cbd/.
  • Spa Services

    Spa Services (7)

    Spa Services offered by BodySong Spa: Facials, Fat reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, Lymphatic Drainage, Toning and Lifting, Make-up/Cosmetics. Please note: By Appointment Only - Call 520-284-7400 to schedule your visit today.
  • Pro-Tract D-Mannose

    Pro-Tract D-Mannose (4)

    Pro-Tract D-Mannose encourages optimum urinary tract health. Highest potency D-Mannose on the market and is 100% pure, non-synthetic.
  • Home Products

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    Products for the Home
  • Natural Health Support

    Natural Health Support (18)

    Natural Health Support