Side by Side Comparison of the BTB Family of Professional Skincare
  All 4 products are engineered to work seamlessly together or separately. Better Than Botox™ Copeptide 689 Tropocollagen F3
Hexapeptide 389
Instant Effect Yes Partial No No
Long Term Effect Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Dose Required 15 Days < 7 Days 30 Days 10 Days
How Long till First Noticeable 5 Days < 14 Days 30 Days 4 Days
Recommended for < 23 years age No Yes Yes No
Recommended for > 23 years age Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discontinue after 30 days use Yes No No Yes
Unconditional Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neurotransmitter Block Yes No No Yes
Nanotransport Biologic Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Part Proprietary Mix with no Shelf Life Stabilizers or Preservatives No Yes Yes No
Repair Fine Lines Yes No Yes Yes
Forehead No Yes Yes Yes
Upper Lip No No Yes Yes
11’s No No No Yes
Crows Feet Yes No Yes Yes
Under Eye Bags Yes No No No
Treat Acne No Yes No No
Age Spots No No Yes No
Skin Lightening No No Yes No
Keloids No Yes No No
Sun Damage No Yes Yes Yes
Neck Lines No Yes Yes No
Restore Elasticity No No Yes No
Restore Radiance No No Yes No
Target Area Under Eyes Face, Neck Face, Neck Forehead, Lips
% improvement 50% to 100% 5% to 50% 5% to 75% 5% to 68%
Crepey Skin No No Yes No
FDA Registered Yes Yes Yes Yes
License Required Yes* No No Yes*

*BodySong Spa is a trained and certified representative for all Better Than Botox™ products.

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